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  • Warranty


    We include 6 months of warranty cover as standard on every car.  We aim to make the warranty process as simple as possible and we do not use third party warranty companies. 

    How to make a claim : 

    When you purchase a car you will be emailed a copy of the warranty terms and conditions. The warranty claim is administered by Lawgistics who will access the claim and find a suitable garage locally to you. 

    Step 1. Check your warranty is valid

    Ensure you have satisfied all the requirements of the warranty and check it has not expired or exceeded the mileage limit. If the warranty has passed the expiry date or mileage limit, your warranty will no longer be valid.

    Step 2. Raise a claim

    Contact Driver Administration by clicking the “Raise A Claim” button and filling out the online form. If your claim is urgent, please call 0300 456 4799.

    Step 3. Follow instructions

    Driver Administration will advise you on the appropriate course of action to confirm your warranty validity, which may require getting a diagnosis at an Approved Repairer. Authorisation is always required before any repairs are carried out.

    Step 4. Investigate the fault

    You will be asked to contact the repairer to arrange a convenient date and time for the diagnosis/repair. Depending on the diagnosis, the circumstances of the breakdown and the claims limit, you may be asked to contribute more, some, or all of the diagnosis/repair costs.

    Step 5. Authorise the claim

    If your claim is valid, Driver Administration will ask the repairer to submit an invoice with full details of the repair, including all part(s), labour and VAT. Driver Administration will authorise the claim and instruct the Supplying Dealer to pay the repairer the amount due under the policy. You will be responsible for paying any amount over and above the claim limit of the warranty.

    AA Dealer Promise 

    Here at GDH Car Sales, we have recently signed up for the AA Approved dealer promise scheme, this offers further reassurance to our customers.

    Twelve Months of free AA breakdown cover is included in every sale. After you this is activated there is the option of upgrading to roadside assistance for only £1 per month. You can also add national recovery for an extra £6 per month. Full details of this are on the AA website. Alternatively, feel free to contact us and we will discuss breakdown cover packages with you.

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